What is the best way to wear a flat brim hat

It is ture that many girls love the flat brim hats, because with wearing it, no matter how ordinary you are, you will be labeled “fashionista”. So the question is, what is the best to way to wear a flat brim to look good?

What are the flat-brimmed hats? What face shape is suitable for what to wear?
For girls, who like to wear casual clothes, you can choose some warm-colored flat-brimmed hats, and when you wear them, they will be more casual and sweet in a modest way.

For girls with more personality, you can choose some flat-brimmed hats with personalized graffiti, and you can choose some wide brim design styles, and when you wear them, you can lean to the direction of 30 degrees, so it will look like Be up to date immediately.

Girls who like neutral dress can choose some flat-brimmed hats with army green and camel as the main color, so as to make their neutral dress more stylish. Illustration of flat hat wearing method.
The characteristic of the flat-brimmed hat is that it is fuller. When worn, it will make the entire face more symmetrical. If you wear the hat completely, the upper part of the head will look flat, most of them are slightly higher, that is, the brim is in the middle of the forehead or In a higher position, wear a flat hat behind the head in the back of the head. Do not wear it neatly and smoothly.

In addition, the flat-brimmed hat can be worn regardless of front, back, side, and crooked. The overall effect and the effect in all directions are better than the curved edge.
What face shape does a flat brim suit
The flat-brimmed hat is not too picky, so it’s easy to play with a simple hairstyle, and it must be slightly crooked. Clothing refers to accessories that are used to match clothing. It mainly includes hats, shoes, scarves, gloves, and other items.

Post time: Jul-27-2020